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Hardknock.TV x Freaky Jon P Interview →


Hard Knock TV just released an interview I had with them. Check the snippet below and click on the link for the full interview!


HK: Coming up in Jersey, how would you describe what the Hip Hop scene is like out there?

FJP: Jersey’s Hip Hop scene is confusing. We’ve got NYC to our North and Philadelphia to the South of us. There’s two big Hip Hop stations, Hot 97 in NY and in Philly you got Power 99. If you’re in North Jersey you listen to NY stations and if you’re in South Jersey you listen to Philly stations. We don’t have our own radio stations, so the thing Jersey is notable for is parties. The only way to get your music played if you’re an indie artist in a Jersey party is if you’re making dance music. I’m not trying to knock that, but I’m not trying to go that way either. If you’re a real artist you’re not going to compromise your integrity, and that makes or breaks whether you stagnate or flourish. If you make that type of music, then you have a strong chance of getting your music played in Jersey clubs. Honestly, there hasn’t been an artist to do that though, to really blow off making club music in Jersey.

HK: And to counter that you’ve been traveling a little bit and hitting the college circuit. What do you like about touring at colleges and what are the advantages of that?

FJP: You’re dealing with open minded individuals. Individuals who’ve traveled themselves from other states, individuals who are speaking out, not following all the trends. I might be a Hip Hop act a college show but next to me I’ve got this fusion like folk, polka, and techno group, and I’m like “What is this?!”, but it’s hot, it’s hot. That’s the thing I love about the college circuit, they’re so open and receptive to what I’m doing. They don’t just want the fast paced dance or club music. These kids really want to listen to what you’re saying. As I’m doing these shows, people are coming up to me telling me they respect what I’m doing. They’re not trying to shake their ass at the shows, they have parties for that every other night. I feel like another big advantage of it is the women (laughs). But I say that so serious, they really take care of me. They like that I’ve got words, that I’m a Hip Hop artist but not coming across as raunchy. But I let them know… I’m Freaky Jon P, I get it in.

For the entire interview click here……

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

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